Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Alhamdulillah, finally our farm is ready to operate after 2 1/2 months construction periods since November 2008 which has been handed over to us last week, 15th January 2009. As been mentioned earlier in our chat box, we are expected our first shipment of our goats from Australia by 20th January 2009 but we has been told yesterday that the shipment shall be postponed to early February 2009. Personally we are not happy to what was happen but in the same time its give us more time to get ready with all aspects.

By the way, we would like to share some photo of our facilities at our farm :

A) Workers accomodation & office

B) Goat Barn Facilities

C) Machinery & food sources

We believed that with proper facilities including good foods sources shall help us to reduce the cost of managing and handling the farm from all aspects. With good facilities we also believed that it can help us to improve the image as a farmer in the eyes of others.

As our farm completely completed we would like to invite all our friends and farmers to have a visit to our farm which later we can share our experience and knowledge. We would also appreciate if those visited our blog can share their experience and knowledge too. All info and comment given is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Norman Abd Rahman

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