Friday, November 28, 2008

Barn Design

Design & Build Goat Barn

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Area chosen should be:

  1. There should be big trees for shade and to act as wind breakers
  2. There should be a mixture of hilly and low areas with good irrigation and good air movement
  3. Far from busy highways

Important Criteria for Building Goats' Shed

  1. Good ventilation is important to cool the air flow in the shed
  2. To allow as much morning sun into the shed. The shed is in the North-South Orientation
  3. Do not get damp easily. Good drainage system around the goat houses
  4. Do not get strong winds
  5. Protected from rain and heat
  6. Waste/droppings easily collected and disposed
  7. Sufficient room for feed and water
  8. Suitable flooring which does not cause injuries such as sprains and fractures which may result in the spread of diseases

Design 1
Design 2

Design 3

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